Retro-Computing - Xerox PARC Alto
Explore the Xerox Alto, the first computer with a graphical user interface.
The goal of this section is to act as a digital museum, easily accessible to artists, educators, students or any curious person.
The content is provided for educational purpose, not for entertainment purpose.
System Boot (2)
Alto Executive 7 v12.5
Xerox PARC
Type *.run? to view files
Alto Executive 12 v20.16
Xerox PARC
Type *.run? to view files
Tools (15)
Bravo Editor
B.Lampson and C.Simonyi - 1974
Type bravo ↵ (more info below)
Draw 4.5
Xerox PARC - 1979
Type draw ↵ to start
Draw 5.2
Xerox PARC - 1980
Type draw ↵ to start
Sil Vector Graphics Editor
Type sil ↵ (more info below)
Analog Clock
Type aclock ↵ to start
Dali Clock
Type dali ↵ to start
Neptune File Manager
Xerox PARC
Type neptune ↵ to start
Xerox PARC
Type calc ↵ to start
Laurel Email
Type laurel ↵ (more info below)
Xerox PARC
Type ti55 ↵ to start
CRT Test
Xerox PARC
Type crt ↵ to start
Key Test
Xerox PARC
Type key ↵ to start
DiEx - Diablo Exerciser
Type diex ↵ to start
Ethernet Diagnostic Program
Type edp ↵ to start
Microcode Alto Diagnostic
Xerox PARC - 1979
Type mad ↵ to start
Games (16)
Rinky Dink Pinball
Clinton William Parker II - 1978
Type pinball ↵ to start
H. Sturgis - 1982
Type go ↵ to start
Missile Command 30
Avadis Tevanian, Jr
Type missile ↵ to start
Xerox PARC
Type pool ↵ to start
Alto Trek
Eugene Ball - 1979
Type space ↵ to start
Xerox PARC
Type fly ↵ to start - Then use Right click
Turkey Puzzle
Type turkey ↵ to start
Cutie Puzzle
Type cutie ↵ to start
Type space ↵ to start
Xerox PARC
Type maze ↵ to start
Maze War
Type mazewar ↵ to start
BattleShit Lan
Xerox PARC
Type battle ↵ to start
Chess Lan
Xerox PARC
Type chess ↵ to start
Jim Low - 1979
Type break ↵ to start
Xerox PARC
Type rubic ↵ to start
Xerox PARC
Type mug ↵ to start
Development Tools (1)
SmallTalk 76
A.Kay, D.Ingalls, A.Goldberg - 1973
Type resume xmsmall.boot ↵ to start
Demos (5)
Type kal ↵ to start
Kal 60
Type kal60 ↵ to start
Xerox PARC
Type poly ↵ to start
Xerox PARC
Type kinetic ↵ to start
Type dance ↵ to start
XEROX Alto Executive Command Line
BRAVO Editor
Sil Vector Graphics Editor