Retro-Computing - IBM PC Online Emulator
Explore few programs created for the IBM PC computer.
The goal of this section is to act as a digital museum, easily accessible to artists, educators, students or any curious person.
The content is provided for educational purpose, not for entertainment purpose.
System Boot (2)
with Tools and Games
Microsoft Windows 3.0
with Tools and Games
Games (3)
Microproce - 1997
Type cd civ ↵ then civ ↵
The Secret of the Monkey Island
Lucasfilm Games - 1990
Type cd monkey ↵ then midemo ↵
Id Software - 1992
Type cd wolf ↵ then wolf3d ↵
Tools (3)
Dos Edit
Microsoft - 1987
Type edit ↵ to start
DOS Shell
Microsoft - 1991
Type dosshell ↵ to start
Microsoft Diagnostics
Microsoft - 1990
Type msd ↵ to start
Development Tools (1)
Type qbasic ↵ to start